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Why am I running for school board?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Hamilton School District is excellent, and its reputation is well known even in the surrounding communities. My wife and I wanted our two young sons to benefit from what this school district has to offer, which is a primary reason that we moved to Sussex, Wisconsin in 2015.

Like other parents, we love our children and want what's best for them in all areas of life. This includes, among other things, their education. Accordingly, we want our school district to continue to grow and improve along the way. That improvement comes from identifying opportunities, making wise decisions, and implementing changes that will produce the maximized effective educational benefit.

It also means being able to measure the return on investment for the money provided by taxpayers. Taxpayers rightly expect transparency and disclosure of where and how their money is spent.

While cost is important, parents ultimately are interested in the educational growth and overall wellbeing of their children. They want confidence that their children are learning the foundational concepts and skills, such as math, reading, writing, etc., that will equip them as they develop and make their way to adulthood.

Arguably, the educational investment in a child is one of each parent's highest priorities. Although authority is delegated by parents to educators for a significant portion of their children's education, accountability for each child ultimately resides with parents. This requires parents to be empowered to make decisions and provide guidance for their children.

I'm running for school board to be a strong advocate and rational voice for parents.

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