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Guilty by Association

In March my opponent posted a rally promotion for some local political incumbents. According to the flyer, those being supported at this rally included Judge Lori Kornblum.

Regardless of what you think of Lori Kornblum (see, for example, an article on Empower Wisconsin's website), there is a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding her, and it appears to have been going on for most, if not all, of her career.

The question I keep asking is why someone running for a local school board position would choose intentionally to associate with such controversy. Clearly my opponent knows who will be attending this rally (he's the one that posted it on his FB page), but perhaps he doesn't know much about Lori. If that's the case, how can I trust my children's future and safety with someone so tone deaf to the policy he engages with?

Another likely scenario is that he's familiar with Lori's judicial principles and policies and agrees with them. In the latter case, I have significant concerns for how he would translate those principles into Hamilton School District policy and what future detriment will come to our children from those policies.

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