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Let's Be Honest

I recently received some campaign literature of the incumbent, who claims not to be endorsed by a party.

However, upon doing a quick and easy search on the Web, I discovered that the Waukesha County Democratic Party appears to endorse both Hamilton school district incumbents.

​Side Note: The Waukesha County Democratic Party's web site stresses that the candidates listed on their site are recommendations rather than endorsements. In fact, it stresses that they are not endorsements. However, the word recommendation and endorsement are synonymous, and based on how they explain their recommendation, I would say, in their case, the definition is the same.

So why has my opponent called this out? Does he really believe he's not endorsed by a political party? Is he implying that I'm not endorsed by parents?

I've talked with many parents in the school district who have expressed support for my campaign. I'm grateful for all the support I've received, and I'm sure there are more people that support me that I haven't even heard from, yet.

In reality, any candidate or incumbent running for a public office (even nonpartisan ones) is going to have support from various groups and individuals, and those supporters will have varying degrees of political leaning. If a group is aligned with a particular candidate, they can chose to recommend or endorse.

So, let's be honest.

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if the best argument against your opposition is to argue the word endorse and play mental gymnastics with it, i think you've said a lot about your arguments against his kids first position, and even more about your lack of positions.

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